Registrant Information

Symposium registration will begin at 8:30 am directly outside the lecture hall, 120 Physical Sciences Building. Coffee and donuts will be available. Appropriate clothing for the day and evening is business casual to casual; however, if you are electing to go on the leaf walk (walking shoes required) or the CNF tour, please take note of the  mandatory safety-related dress code below.  

Most of the Cornell campus has free parking on Saturday and Sunday; however, there are some lots close to the Physical Sciences Complex (of which Clark Hall is now included) that are restricted and are clearly marked.   Here is a map of the University for your convenience:  Campus Map

CNF Dress Code Requirements
To enter the CNF clean room, you must be wearing:

1. Shoes
Socks or stockings are required. Shoes must be closed-toe shoes that fully enclose the heel and the top of the foot. Additionally, the shoes must not have a high heel (over one inch) or a deep cleat that may hold mud or other dirt. Also, your shoes must be clean and dry when you enter the facility.
Not Allowed: Sandals, open weave shoes, or shoes that expose the top of the foot. 

2. Shirt
Your shirt must be at least a short sleeve shirt that is long enough to reach your pants (no bare midriffs) and it must not have a deep neckline.
Not Allowed: Tank tops, halter tops, and spaghetti strap tops.

3. Pants
Pants must be full-length, from waist to ankle.

Not Allowed: Shorts or short pants, tight pants such as “skinny jeans” or yoga pants / leggings. NO skirts or dresses.